Sandi and Leah

Sandi and Leah
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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

What a week

I found a cousin this week through my family research and she is the daughter of my mothers brother who died young.  This week my mom was able to talk to her after 41 years, i did not think they would ever stop talking or crying.  This is why I love my hobby and the connections you can make.  My mom is one of 9 and 4 are still living, I have found so many cousins that I had not seen since childhood, or had never met.  I was glad that I had time this week to chill and play with my data, and there she was looking for family and I was able to provide her with pictures of her dad that she had never seen.  All and all a good week.


  1. Hi Sandi,
    How are you. WOW....this is great that you found one more cousin:) To connect with the family have fulfillment feelings, like you are where you belong and it makes you happy. I am glad that you made your mom happy and gave a family to your cousin. One more family member for the Thanksgiving...right:)
    Thank you

  2. Sandi - how nice for your Mom - and you!